Stars Treated In Rehabilitation Clinics

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Stars Treated In Rehabilitation Clinics
Stars Treated In Rehabilitation Clinics

Celebrities seem too far removed from human problems, but even they have their flaws and bad habits that they have to contend with. Some celebrities cannot overcome the obstacle on their own, so they turn to specialists for help and undergo treatment at the clinic.


Daniel Radcliffe

The sudden popularity that covered the star of "Harry Potter" brought a lot of problems to the actor, including alcohol addiction. The actor allowed himself to appear on the set drunk, which happened during the work on the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, Radcliffe was able to quickly gather strength and recover. Thanks to the course of treatment in the appropriate rehabilitation center, the actor has not been dependent on alcohol since 2010.

Demmy Moor

In 2012, the actress began treatment at the clinic, as she faced addiction to strong drugs. Her agents said that the idol of millions went to the institution in order to improve her health. However, the public managed to find out the real reasons for the treatment of the celebrity, and, according to rumors, these problems led to a divorce from Ashton Kutcher.

Ben Affleck

Several years ago, the actor was one of the brightest Hollywood stars, and he also raised children in a happy marriage, received awards for his work and did not become a figurant of scandals. However, behind such fame was an attempt to combat the addiction to alcohol, which caused the actor to suffer for many years.

In 2001, he decided to complete the course of treatment by visiting a center in Malibu, and in 2017 he admitted that he suffers from alcohol addiction. At the same time, the leader said that he did not see anything shameful in asking for help if necessary.

Eva Mendes

The actress appears less and less in public and devotes a large amount of time to Ryan Gosling and children. However, a couple of years ago, Mendes led a more active lifestyle, and in 2008 she turned to a rehabilitation clinic for help, previously, due to her inability to stop taking medications on her own.

Samuel L. Jackson

The actor speaks frankly about his drug addiction, not hiding that for a long period he was completely insane because of the drugs. Despite his addiction, Jackson was able to maintain his job thanks to a good reputation, for example, he always did what was required, diligently taught lines and came to the set on time. However, the real fame came to the actor only when he managed to cope with addiction.

Demi Lovato

In addition to her cravings for drugs and alcohol, the singer had to contend with bipolar disorder and eating disorders. Even before her 21st birthday, Lovato was heavily addicted to alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs, which led to a loss of body control. During one of her performances, the singer hit the dancer and immediately decided to go to the clinic for three months, and now she adheres to a healthy lifestyle.

Zac Efron

The actor very early achieved worldwide fame, which was reflected in his behavior, in particular, he faced cocaine addiction. At that time he was working on the comedy "Neighbors", while suffering from drug addiction, which he managed to cope with only thanks to his conversion to rehab. Since then, the Hollywood star has not mentioned drug problems and has consistently starred in several films over the year.

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