Artists Of The Past Who Are Still Loved Today

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Artists Of The Past Who Are Still Loved Today
Artists Of The Past Who Are Still Loved Today

Video: Artists Of The Past Who Are Still Loved Today

Video: Artists Of The Past Who Are Still Loved Today
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They have been loved for several generations, we remembered which of the stars of the 80s and 90s are still loved in the 21st century.

Till Lindemann is widely known as the lead singer of the cult rock band Rammstein, but for several years the musician has been heading his own project Lindemann - a group that includes Till himself and his Swedish colleague Peter Tägtgren. Next year, the artists intend to go on tour and, according to reports, the list of cities that the famous rocker will visit includes St. Petersburg, Moscow and several other large cities. Unlike the thunderous music of Rammstein, the Lindemann project is more lyrical.

Apparently, fans of both Rammstein and Till himself will not be able to miss the tour of their favorite artist, even though many of Lindemann's admirers were not yet born during the period when "Ramms" were at the peak of their popularity.

We decided to remember which of the artists of past years is still "afloat" and especially loved in our country.

Thomas Anders

The former member of the popular 80s collective Modern Talking comes to Russia almost every year. The group was warmly received both in the 90s, and now Anders himself is expected with the same passion that only the fans of the artist are worth, many of whom are very young people who did not find the group's success. At every Russian concert, Thomas can count on an almost full hall and a lot of gifts that fans put on stage.


The group visited many Russian cities, and was delighted with each of them, namely, from the audience, who faithfully waits for their favorites at the entrance to the concert arena, and already at the concert itself knows what and when will happen at one time or another of the performance. All members of the group treat their Russian admirers with reverence, so before one of the Moscow shows, drummer Lars Ulrich spent some time near the hotel, signing posters and CDs for the waiting crowd.

C. C. Catch

Probably not a single music festival dedicated to the 80s took place without the participation of Carolina (the real name of the artist is Arriving for the first time in the USSR, the girl gained popularity among the Russian public, the singer was expected every time a concert or even a single performance of the artist was planned in our country. The singer herself speaks very warmly of Russian fans, who each time give Carolina an incredibly warm welcome.

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