Philip Kirkorov Took Birth In His New Video

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Philip Kirkorov Took Birth In His New Video
Philip Kirkorov Took Birth In His New Video
Video: Philip Kirkorov Took Birth In His New Video
Video: Philip Kirkorov Moskwa 18.03.2021. W Rosji nie ma p-l-a-n-d-e-m-i-i? 2023, February

The video promises to overtake even the famous "The color of the mood is blue" in popularity. Philip Kirkorov liked to act in shocking movie clips so much that the singer decided to present another video to the fans. The premiere of the video for the song "Oppression is Gone" will take place on June 24th. In the meantime, the singer has shared on Instagram a teaser for the new video.

“Due to the specifics of the 18+ category, this content can shock you, offend your feelings or harm your moral development,” the pop king jokingly signed the video.

However, in the teaser for the video, there were no shocking shots. However, Kirkorov was able to surprise. Philip played a gynecologist who takes delivery. Kirkorov's patient is Alisa Lobanova, a famous business woman and founder of the TOY.RU toy chain.

“Shooting in videos gives me new emotions, inspiration and a certain media status in order to help as many children as possible,” Alisa explained her participation in the video.

By the way, this is not the first collaboration between Alice and Philip. Prior to this, the business woman starred in the scandalous video of Kirkorov and Baskov for the song "Ibiza". And although many criticized the video for being too frank, the video has collected more than 25 million views on Youtube.

Kirkorov's new work promises to be even more shocking. As the singer himself announced, the composition “will become a spectacular continuation” of the famous musical trilogy “The color of the mood is blue”, “The color of the mood is black” and “Ibiza”. He noted that the clip will be scandalous and has age restrictions, and the idea of ​​the video is to overcome complexes.

“Well, you give,” Yana Rudkovskaya commented on the teaser. “I have great respect for the creativity of the performers with whom I work on the set. I assure you, they all have a wonderful sense of humor and healthy self-irony. Don't take the clip literally. Look deeper. In music, as well as in life, it is important to find a balance,”calls on Lobanova.

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