The Champion Took A Photo Topless In California

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The Champion Took A Photo Topless In California
The Champion Took A Photo Topless In California

Video: The Champion Took A Photo Topless In California

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The reaction of fans to the candid photo was mixed.

Five-time world swimming champion Yulia Efimova is one of the sexiest women in Russia according to Maxim magazine. On her Instagram page, the 27-year-old athlete continually proves this and refutes the myth that swimmers have supposedly ugly figures.

Now Julia is resting and training in the USA. In one of the latest Instagram pictures taken on a beach in California, she appeared before fans in an exciting way - the athlete was wearing nothing but a swimsuit bottom and two pineapples in her hand, with which she covered her breasts.

The reaction of Efimova's fans to the candid photo turned out to be ambiguous. Some praised Yulia for her appetizing forms and for the fact that she was not ashamed to show them, while others, on the contrary, considered that the athlete had nothing to show except her naked body.


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“Very beautiful, well done”, “You look gorgeous”, “Excellent”, “Shameful”, “Julia is a beauty, it's probably time to get married…”, “The results are not the same, the records are behind, it remains only to attract the attention of the public! The next step will be a photo without pineapples!”,“Where are the sheriffs looking? You can't be topless on the beach here !! Disorder! "," Relaxed, of course, but was it worth it to spread … ", - noted the subscribers in the comments.

Recall that last year, three-time Olympic medalist Yefimova found herself at the center of a detention scandal in the United States. She was arrested for "minor offense", but then released on bail of five thousand dollars.

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