How Does The Star Of "House-2" Live After A Serious Injury?

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How Does The Star Of "House-2" Live After A Serious Injury?
How Does The Star Of "House-2" Live After A Serious Injury?

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Outrageous Victoria Karaseva came to "House 2" back in 2005. On the show, she scandalized, sang and dreamed of a real career on the stage, and also dreamed of getting married. Tory did not like Andrei Chuev, to whom she came, but after that she found herself a musician - rapper Ruslan Proskurov, relations with whom flared up with truly southern passions, not excluding assault. Even later, her wedding with Dmitry Chizhevsky fell through. And only Vyacheslav Dvoretskov became the same for the girl - together in 2009 they left the project and celebrated the wedding, inviting their colleagues in reality, led by Olga Buzova, to visit.

Alas, the cloudless happiness did not last long. In a Moscow restaurant, Tori swallowed a shell fragment from a poorly cooked seafood pizza and seriously injured her esophagus. After being on the verge of life and death, a serious operation and discharge from the hospital, Victoria Karaseva's weight was only 32 kilograms - and the restoration of the disabled star went on for many years. A year ago, in an interview, she said that pain haunts her.

"The first 5 years were spent on realizing what happened to me. In the 6th year I decided that I had to learn to live with pain. In the 7th year I studied and only in the 8th year I learned. I decided that pain is nowhere. will not leave, will not leave, will not slam the door, which means that it must become a part of me. I have learned to live with the remnants of health, and with pain. It sometimes twists so that the nail plates "crack at the seams",

- shared Tory. The experience could not but affect Victoria's appearance, but she remained bright - albeit recently in social networks and prefers to hide her face behind photo filters.

Tori continues to compose and perform songs and shares them from his country house, where he leads a measured life.

Despite rumors of parting, Vyacheslav Dvoretskov did not leave his wife - she talks about him on Instagram and calls him her husband.

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