How The Stars Confess Their Love To Their Halves

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How The Stars Confess Their Love To Their Halves
How The Stars Confess Their Love To Their Halves

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You may not support the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day or even boycott the holiday. But you will surely agree that declarations of love are always appropriate.


In December, in honor of the anniversary of the marriage of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, we already wrote about how the stars confess their love to their halves. But, you see, there should be more pleasant dates in the calendar.

about giving your loved one the fulfillment of the dream of his whole life, you can please with an expensive present, or you can just bake delicious pancakes or write a congratulation on Instagram. These celebrity couples prove that warm words on the social network are quite a romantic confession in tender feelings.

Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov

Nobody expected a banal confession of feelings from Garik Kharlamov. But the option "I love you", perhaps, surprised even the showman's wife - the famous actress Christina Asmus. On the day of the 5th anniversary of the couple's wedding, a video appeared on Kharlamov's Instagram that clearly demonstrates that not all men prefer to say tender words tete-a-tete.

Christina, in turn, dedicated a less emotional, but more "intimate post" to her husband.

brings up daughter Anastasia. In January, the girl celebrated her fourth birthday.

Victoria and Mikhail Galustyan

Family psychologists assure that the crisis of ten years of relationship is the most powerful and destructive, and if a couple overcomes it with dignity, then she will not be afraid of any troubles. On July 7, 2017, Victoria and Mikhail Galustyan celebrated the tin wedding.

2 days after the anniversary, a wise post about family life appeared on Instagram of the famous showman's wife.


Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

The fact that appearance is deceiving is proved by Ksenia Sobchak by her own example. Outside is an iron lady, and inside is a mother and a loving wife. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn if you, like us, on February 1, found on the Instagram of the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation a touching post to Maxim Vitorgan.

A month after this grandiose event, a post of love for his irreplaceable girls appeared on the Instagram of the newly-made father:

brings up a 15-year-old son Arkhip (on February 19, the young man will turn 16), who, as Koroleva's subscribers assure, grows up as a copy of his star dad.

Inna and Yuri Zhirkov

They say that only the most romantic couples choose the colder season for their wedding. It is not known what principles Inna and Yuri Zhirkov were guided by to choose their date. But the fact remains: even after 11 years of relationship, romance is still alive in their couple!

Of course, maybe someone will consider this declaration of love as a "riot of hormones", because at that time the singer wore twins under her heart. But "Letidor" adheres to a different point of view: love is not about reason, but about feeling.

Imagine that in June, Beyoncé and Jay-Z became parents with many children - 5-year-old Blue Ivy had a brother and sister.

Irina Muromtseva and Maxim Volkov

Despite the pragmatism of our time, not every woman can boast that she looks at the world and her own relationships without rose-colored glasses. Irina Muromtseva belongs precisely to the category of wives who know how to do this. In honor of the 5th anniversary of her marriage, the famous TV presenter published on her Instagram a philosophical post about love and family relationships.

Imagine that the actress has been happily married to the world and European figure skating champion Maxim Shabalin for 7 years already. The couple are raising their daughter Vasilisa (in June the girl will be 5 years old).

Diana Khodakovskaya and Artem Petrukhin

Family psychologists call 1 year of a legal relationship the same terrible crisis as 10 years of a conscientious life. In their opinion, this period is enough to understand whether the person is next to you and whether the relationship will not corrode.The example of the Good Morning TV presenter Diana Khodakovskaya and her husband Artem proves that it is quite easy to survive the crisis of the first year.

What is needed for this, you ask. Diana would probably answer that joint travel and, of course, a child contribute to strengthening relations!

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