Why Bend Like That?: Buzov Was Ridiculed Again

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Why Bend Like That?: Buzov Was Ridiculed Again
Why Bend Like That?: Buzov Was Ridiculed Again

Video: Why Bend Like That?: Buzov Was Ridiculed Again

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Olga Buzova rarely arranges a vacation for herself, as she is used to completely surrendering to work. This summer, she left for Bali to star in a new television project. However, she had several free days, which the TV presenter gladly took advantage of. She swims in the pool and sunbathes, and also arranges a workout every morning. The girl admitted earlier that from the age of 13 she has been working to make her figure fit.

By the way, Olga managed to achieve the desired result. Now she's showing off her abs in a mini bikini. For 10 days on the island, only recently the singer found the strength to plunge into the ocean. As it turned out, the water did not have time to warm up, so tourists do not risk swimming in it. Buzova, dressed in a turquoise swimsuit with a deep neckline, filmed on video how she dives into the ocean on her second attempt.

“I seize the moment, never put off until later, what can be done now,” she wrote.

Fans this time paid attention not to the figure of Buzova, but to her gait. Some users found it strange. “Why bend like that? As if you have a priest "," Why are you walking and standing in a strange way, at an angle? Pulling your ass back? "," Olya, why are you in swimsuits like a duck walking with your tail aside? You need a man,”they began to write.

Other subscribers suggested that the star abused alcohol on vacation. "Ol, are you drunk?" Olga did not respond to the sharp remarks.

Did you find Buzova's new video strange or not?

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