Fans Have Figured Out A New Lover Buzova

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Fans Have Figured Out A New Lover Buzova
Fans Have Figured Out A New Lover Buzova

Video: Fans Have Figured Out A New Lover Buzova

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Video: Видео от Ольги Бузовой. 2023, January

The singing presenter continues to exploit the image of an abandoned woman who still believes in love despite the blows of fate. Almost all of her songs are about this. Olga Buzova does not despair and is actively looking for her soul mate.

Fans expressed doubt that the star is still lonely, and suspected her of a new romance. According to fans, Olga Buzova started a relationship with the popular blogger David Manukyan, who participated in the filming of her video for the song "Liker". Subscribers saw the same tattoos on their hands, symbolizing infinity. It also looks suspicious that they often go out in the same clothes.

At the same time, David Manukyan himself does not confirm these speculations, however, he is in no hurry to come up with a refutation. Buzova also remains silent and participates in the "Plan B" show, in which they are looking for a groom for her, but once noticed that Manukyan has the qualities of the man of her dreams.

Previously, Rambler wrote that the Plan B show with Buzova and Batrutdinov predicted failure.

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