Yuri Loza: "I Would Like To Spend A Day With Chekhov"

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Yuri Loza: "I Would Like To Spend A Day With Chekhov"
Yuri Loza: "I Would Like To Spend A Day With Chekhov"

Video: Yuri Loza: "I Would Like To Spend A Day With Chekhov"

Video: Yuri Loza: "I Would Like To Spend A Day With Chekhov"
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Yuri Loza is 65! On February 1, a famous singer, composer, and, more recently, also a blogger, celebrates his birthday. Now he is an active user of social networks, where his posts cause a wide public response. Currently, the singer has shifted his focus towards writing.


We called Yuri Eduardovich to congratulate him on his birthday and find out what's new in his life.

- What makes you happy?

- When I am healthy, nothing hurts, and when I have someone to talk to.

- What was your most memorable birthday?

- I had such a birthday once. I performed at the birthday party of a person who turned the same age that day as me. We were two heroes of the day. And it was fun. My guys, musicians, played more for me then for him (laughs). Here's a story with an incredible coincidence.

- If you could spend one day with any person on the planet, who would it be?

- Of those who are still alive?

- Not necessary.

- It would be one of the writers. Of those who wrote things that I like, which I enjoyed reading. Most likely, this is Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Yes, let's stop at Chekhov (laughs).

- How to stay positive like you?

- First, calm down. It means to understand that before you, the waves also rolled over one another. You came, you look at them, and they roll. Here you will be gone, and they will continue to do it with the same sequence. People who understood this, sooner or later, came to peace of mind. Jimi Hendrix said very well: "There is nothing better in the world than to sit by the sea and watch your beard grow." It seems to me that this is a very correct approach to putting things in order in the head. Calm down, come to such a contemplative state. And then you can look at many things in a completely different way.

- What kind of creativity are you currently engaged in?

- I like writing the most. Therefore, I regularly write something on the networks. I write scripts for feature films, I am engaged in all kinds of literary activities. I read a lot. In general, I do what I'm interested in. Because I had such an opportunity. Fortunately, at a certain moment, when you do not achieve success, but you get what you wanted - you built a house, planted a tree … in general, all these fundamental things that must be done without fail, I did them. Therefore, now I can do what I love: write, read, communicate with people with whom I am pleased and want to communicate. This is also very important.

- We sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! Let everything turn out the way you want!

- Thanks guys. And see you soon.

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