Director Nachalova Spoke About The Causes Of The Tragedy

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Director Nachalova Spoke About The Causes Of The Tragedy
Director Nachalova Spoke About The Causes Of The Tragedy

Video: Director Nachalova Spoke About The Causes Of The Tragedy

Video: Director Nachalova Spoke About The Causes Of The Tragedy
Video: Один в один. Народный сезон. Юлия Началова, Ираклий Пирцхалава. Леонид Агутин, Анжелика Варум 2023, June

The PR director of the artist in an exclusive interview with "Arguments of the Week" told the truth about her personal life, the real reasons for the tragedy and the blackmail of her ward.

- Bad fate, neglect of one's health or planned bringing to death. This tragedy acquires new details every day. Anya, you were not just the PR director of Yulia Nachalova, but also her friend. Therefore, you are reliably aware of the reasons for this tragedy. They say that recently Julia has been under strong pressure and her health has largely faltered because of this.

- She really had a very difficult period, and Frolov's claims crippled her very much. I think it is wrong to say that he ruined her whole life. But he very much offended her with his departure and very unmanly actions. He didn't just go to another woman. He went to a woman whom Julia knew very well: she was part of their family with Frolov, was married to his friend.

- As far as I understand, he cheated on Yulia, being in a relationship with her, but he was not going to leave her

- When people break up, they cannot always explain their actions and why they decided to leave. But in this case, I am convinced that before leaving her, Frolov planned his departure in advance. I saw it by him: by his conversations, by his behavior. That is, his departure was not a sudden decision.

- I would like to be specific

- He was extremely annoyed that Julia began to hurt. Despite the fact that she did not make a cult out of her illness - because of her joints it was difficult for her to walk, and she walked more slowly, sometimes she needed to be supported by the arm. It was clear from him that he did not want to be her reliable rear and was looking for options for maneuver. I immediately noticed this. Plus, I heard some strange conversations from him.

- It was during this period that he asked Julia to rewrite the apartment that Aldonin gave her daughter to him?

- Nobody will answer this question. Only Julia, who is not alive.

- Because of this paper, Julia's daughter may be left homeless. By the way, did you conduct an examination? Does this paper really exist?

- Our lawyer deals with this issue. The paper exists. At least it's shown on TV from morning to night.

- Does the handwriting on this receipt really look like Yulin?

- It is difficult to answer this question. This document is printed, not handwritten. The signature is similar. But in what state she signed this document, it is not known. She could sign it in a pile of many other papers and not understand what was slipped to her. She told me in a personal conversation and to all her girlfriends that she really didn’t remember signing such a paper.

- In your opinion, did Frolov think over this scheme in advance for taking possession of Nachalova's property?

- I won’t be surprised at that. I remember very well the moment when he moved to live in Yulia's apartment. By the way, he lived there for five years, and repairs, for which he eventually began to issue multimillion-dollar bills, he did not only for Yulia and her daughter, but for himself as well. And of course, Yulia could not even imagine that such blackmail would eventually begin. By the way, the repairs made by Frolov's efforts in this apartment are not so luxurious. Therefore, where he drew her an amount of 20 million, I do not understand. At the time of the repair, there were jokes on his part like “I will make repairs for us, but what will you give me for this?”. But then I did not attach serious importance to this. Julia, too, is wide open. And Julia also had a terrible trait in her character - if she fell in love, then, as they say in English, she fell in love. That's just with the head. She stopped working, responding to "alarm bells" in the behavior of her lover, she was concerned only with her feelings and her relationships. Therefore, gigolos often stuck to it and tried to use it. Why did she come across them? It's hard to find the answer. She had never been able to recognize the gigolos. I just fell in love and turned off logic, dissolved in this person. When she got Aldonin, the family and, by the way, Julia herself were happy. He is a reliable, decent man. It is also impossible to idealize their relationship with Aldonin. But their daughter Vera was born in love, she was a long-awaited child.

- In a marriage with Aldonin, she did not have enough drive, and they divorced?

- Maybe. Although I believe that one of the reasons was America. Spouses living in two countries usually get divorced soon.

- But even after the divorce, they were able to remain friends

- I would not say that this is exactly the case. They were able to stay in normal, human relationships, as much as possible, in order to raise a joint child and respect each other. There was no special friendship there. It's just that both of them perfectly understood that they were parents and should give way to each other somewhere, somewhere to emphasize respect for each other.

- Did Yulia have many friends in general? It seems to me that in show business it is very difficult to be truly friends.

- She had a lot of friends. After all, she was very open. I have seen this picture many times. Julia entered the dressing room, in which everyone sits frowning. And she is a holiday person, and with her appearance, some conversations about nothing immediately began, everyone began to communicate in unison, to feel that they needed each other. She could bring people together, she could tell something to make everyone interesting. Very bright man.

- Some kind of pilgrimage began at the cemetery to Yulia's grave. People say that she had some kind of abilities and there almost creams, like at the grave of Chumak, are being charged. How do parents feel about this?

- That's bullshit! I am sure that Julia herself would not approve of this. Surely her parents won't like that either. Julia never possessed superpowered energy to help someone. It is necessary to honor her memory, and we would very much like this to happen, but trying to charge the cream and water is blasphemy!

- And she often turned to fortune-tellers, psychics?

- She somewhere believed, somewhere did not believe in people with such a "background". There are people who are completely unique, about whom, like Wolf Messing, it cannot be said that he did not have the gift. We knew people who were personally acquainted with Messing, and their stories impressed us. Literally a month before Julia's death, the TNT program "Battle of Psychics" called me very actively. They filmed the new season and persistently offered us to participate in this project. Despite the good ratings of this project, Julia categorically refused to take part in it.

- When did Nachalova first realize that she was seriously ill?

- In fact, she never perceived herself as an invalid or seriously ill person. Only when she became very tired, she began to say that it was hard for her. And the impression of her as a whining person, all the time complaining about fate and talking only about his sores, is not shared by anyone close to her. She even tried to get around this topic. Her parents and I, bit by bit, collected this knowledge about her diseases. When we were close to her, we saw that it was difficult for her to walk or that her bones were swollen due to gout. I am watching the filming of the 2012 benefit performance - she was still absolutely healthy there - a strong, amazingly beautiful girl. If we talk about what happened to her in 2019, a fatal story. Therefore, all this talk about the fact that she complained to someone else about her health in childhood is nonsense! She never complained to anyone, especially as a child! She never complained to anyone in her youth! No need to invent all this, exaggerate!.. She actually has some serious health situation began to occur for the last year and a half or two. Well, maybe a maximum of three, but not all life, as people try to say. A person's kidneys were not working well. As doctors say, this happened because of her total weight loss sometime in her youth. She knocked the kidneys down. From these kidneys, everything crawled farther. She developed gout. Diabetes mellitus was diagnosed two years ago. And the "military actions" initiated recently by Frolov have led to an exacerbation of diabetes mellitus. And tragedy struck.

- They say that due to financial difficulties, she could not afford full-fledged treatment. And she was also terribly afraid that the press would find out about it.

“She really didn't want her sores to be discussed. All my life I have avoided scandals. Therefore, she did not even take part in the planned hype. And Julia was always afraid of the press. And she was very worried when the media began to write that she was hospitalized in a serious condition. Even I was initially asked not to confirm this information. As for the treatment, this is not entirely true. She had the opportunity to undergo treatment in our country, and doctors helped us many times. But, apparently, at some point she was tired and did not expect such consequences. Therefore, I want to appeal to the audience reading me - be more careful about your health! Do not underestimate the insidiousness of the disease.

- As far as I know, because of her illness, Yulia has not consumed alcohol for many years. How can you comment on the situation with the fact that her driver's license was taken away

- It was unfair. Because of the drugs, she really didn't drink alcohol. It was just night, she found herself in some abandoned place, the men who asked her to get out of the car seemed suspicious. Do we know little of the stories about "werewolves in uniform"? She was frightened. Her phone is dead. And she chose to refuse to get out of the car or go somewhere with these men. This story really touched Julia and her family. After the video posted by these traffic cops on the Internet, people began to write that she was a drug addict and a drunkard. We were very sad to hear that. Even when she was not sick, on a festive evening she could only drink one glass of champagne. She had no cravings for alcohol.

- With whom does Nachalova's daughter Verochka live today? Did Aldonin take her to his family?

- After Julia passed away, Vera continued her studies at school. She lives with her grandparents. Lately she has often lived with them. So far, no global changes have been planned. The family intends to defend Verina's right to an apartment. So let Frolov earn an apartment for his daughter himself, and not try to squeeze out someone else's in this way. He once said that he now does not have the kind of earnings that he had before. But that doesn't excuse him. It reminds me of aggressive actions. The man was allowed into the house, allowed to do everything as he pleases, and as a result, he is now trying to take over this place and leave another child without an apartment.

- But in his interviews, he generally says that he has no complaints about Vera

- He spoke in legal language with all of you, so you do not understand what he means. He said that he had no complaints about Vera Aldonina and Nachalova's parents. Of course not. After all, they have not yet entered into inheritance rights. They will join them only in October. Therefore, what claims can he have against them? Legally, he says the right words, but in fact, he continues to sue this apartment. Only while he sues her not from Vera and not from Yulia's dad, since they enter into inheritance rights six months after death, according to Russian law. While he butts with Aldonin. And nowhere he stepped back not a step. So I am afraid that he will drag Nachalova's daughter into the war. And I really would not like that.

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