Konstantin Ivlev: "Everything Is Serious With Leroy"

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Konstantin Ivlev: "Everything Is Serious With Leroy"
Konstantin Ivlev: "Everything Is Serious With Leroy"

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For Konstantin Ivlev, 2020 became a year of change: he divorced after 23 years of marriage, introduced his new girlfriend, 28-year-old journalist Valeria Kudenkov, and finally suddenly began to … grow thin.


However, the chef himself insists that inside he has remained the same - all these changes are purely external.

- Konstantin, have you noticed that you have 666 thousand subscribers on Instagram? An interesting coincidence before the start of Hell's Kitchen.

- There is nothing accidental in this life. Four is my favorite number. And the fact that Instagram got 666, it once again symbolizes that I am in my place. At least as the host of the Hell's Kitchen.

- The winner of the show gets a million rubles. Not enough?

- I think this is a large amount even for a start-up in an individual business. You can start [cooking] at home, you can do it in the "Depot" style (a food mall in Moscow, where hundreds of entrepreneurs prepare and sell food. - Author), rent 3-4 square meters and start a business.

Many who previously won in the program spent money on training, which I am extremely happy about.

- How did you get through the quarantine crisis? Have you lost a lot?

- I reacted very calmly to this. You have to be calm! Especially if you are the head of a company and a media personality.

My partners and I always put it off for a rainy day. We earned 10 rubles - we put 2 rubles in a piggy bank, and we divided 8 rubles. The piggy bank came in handy.

I have lived through an insane number of different difficult stages - political, economic, so I know that you have to rely only on yourself.

If we take the Ivlev Group company, then we did not fire a single employee. We do not have restaurants yet, we are just building. We manage only kitchen factories and canteens. This is also why we calmly survived the first wave of the pandemic.

- And where to try Ivlev cuisine now?

- For the last 5-7 years, I have not been the head of any of the restaurants. This is purposeful - it is much more profitable to engage in kitchen factories, consulting, canteens. And you can taste my food at the master classes that we conduct, at the gala dinners.

- Recently, on your youtube channel, you prepared your favorite sandwich: baguette, salami, cucumber, mustard. Delicious, but harmful!

- My life motto remains the same: the most delicious food is fatty food. Don't just overeat!

My channel consists of two components. The first is simple Ivlevian recipes. I show in what style I myself prepare a dish that people have been cooking all their lives. Borsch, cheese cakes, okroshka …

And for those who want to raise their level of knowledge, we have introduced the heading "Friends of the Chef". Professional chefs come and cook completely different food - smart. My [famous Moscow chef] Andryusha Kolodyazhny made a salad with smoked beets, cheese, cherries and much more. There were 40 thousand views.

And I cooked okroshka, a million looked. This does not mean that people do not like Kolodyazhny. Sometimes people don't understand the complex mix of flavors that a professional chef makes. And I cook simple dishes for my audience.

But the salami sandwich is not just a sandwich. It's a thoughtful sandwich after all!

"The rumor about the reasons for the divorce is not true"

- I read on Valeria's Instagram that July 31st was a significant day for both of you. Without details.

- If you want to ask if I made an offer to Valeria that day, I want to break you off.

We were just glad that the day was over, it was great. A little teased the media, which after my divorce from my wife cannot calm down and everyone is looking for something, coming up with something. I never comment on rumors.

And the fact that my ex-wife allegedly told about the reasons for our divorce, I believe, is a rumor (the media reported that the ex-wife of Ivlev filed for divorce, allegedly because of treason. - Author). Because he is not true.

God will judge everything. This is my personal life. When we have something to say about a wedding or something else, we will say about it.



- Lately you have lost a lot of weight. From worries or switched to a hard healthy lifestyle?

- I am 46 years old, and I realized - unfortunately, too late - that you need to live in friendship with your body. I decided to reboot from the point of view of internal state and health. I began to test myself on the diet that I had developed. Plus a lifestyle, plus Valeria.

I have never been a drish, but I was not, as it were, prone to the psychedelic weight loss. It's just that everything superimposed on each other and gave a good result - I lost 22 kg. Before that, weighed 134!

- Wow.

- This is not the limit! Here, in Bodrum (the call from the TV program caught the chef on vacation in Turkey. - Author), we live on a mountain - we walk with Valeria to the sea, this is about 2.5-3 km, we swim with her for a kilometer and then on foot let's go back.

- What kind of diet?

- I completely removed all carbohydrates. I stopped eating bread, sugar and cereals and much, much more. How completely?

To be honest, I allow myself to eat a piece of bread and tea with sugar in the morning, because I cannot deny myself this. And during the day, you can crack both fish and vegetables. The most important thing is to be in harmony with the soul and body.

- Is it really done without suffering at all?

- I have the most powerful willpower. And there are occupational diseases - for example, varicose veins. The year before last I cut out all the varicose veins on my legs.

The doctor says to me: "Kostya, your legs are feeding you, you must watch this." And I took the doctor's words very well. If I want my legs to feed me further, then I need to lose weight.

- Valeria also cooks, lays out recipes. Has she had this hobby before?

- Firstly, Lera is a vegetarian …

- Are you a meat eater?

- I was a meat eater. Lera does not cook because she lives with Ivlev. She always cooked for herself. Since we began to live together, Lera cooked her some dishes for me, I liked them. Now we cook them at random, with an emphasis on vegetables, fish and seafood.

She is [not a vegan, but] a pescetarian - she also eats fish and seafood. One of our favorites is the seafood roast with broccoli, spinach, asparagus and tomatoes.

This is a simple dish, easy to prepare, but at the same time it is healthy, rich, interesting and beautiful.

- And you do not eat meat at all? But what about the kebab?

- I eat, but not as I ate before. Eat two or three pieces and it's enough for me to get high. And before, I could safely sharpen a ribeye or 800-gram tomahawk (a variety of beef steaks. - Auth.).

After forty years, animal protein is harder to digest. I listen to my body.

- Can you say that this year you have become a different person?

- How have I changed? The fact that I'm divorced and living with a new girlfriend? What's wrong with that? What has changed in me here? Nothing.

David Beckham was once asked: "Do you understand that youth cannot be returned back?" He says: "Yes, I understand, so we will grow old elegantly." I also say that the right people do not age over the years - they get wiser.

I feel very good in my age. Yes, I have lived a lot, and I want to live more, raise children. I have already raised one, my daughter is growing.

We will have children with Leroy, definitely, one hundred percent. The comfort of life lies in the fact that I clearly understand what is good and what is bad. Where you can take a step back in order to then take two steps forward.

“The person wrote that you are shit. So what?!"

- Since it became known about the change in your personal status, a wave of hate has hit you on social networks. Does it make you angry?

- People who sit behind nicknames, by themselves, have not achieved anything in life, but they take and smear everything and everyone. The first time I was still somehow worried, I thought: "People, what are you, [ofigel], or what?"

Greed and envy are the worst vices of the modern world. And you feel sorry for these people. At the same time, I have enough self-control and self-irony not to get involved in these battles. Well, the person wrote that you are shit. So what? Why would I insult him the same way? Our karma is fine. But what will happen to your karma?



- What is your son Matvey doing now?

- Matvey studied with me in France. He studied for a year, he didn't get it.Therefore, he returned to Russia and now works for my company.

Develops a separate direction - is fully engaged in the branded merchandise of the Ivlev Group store. He comes up with everything that is sold there - baseball caps, socks, umbrellas and much, much more. All this was invented by my son.

I went into the creative component rather than the food. He has been able to cook since he was ten, and we are happy to do it together.

- Did it take him time to get used to the fact that his father had a new relationship?

- He [does not care] at all this. I beg you, dude 19 years old, he lives separately. Moreover, he saw the situation that was between me and my ex-wife, and understood where this was going. He respects our choice.

And we are not tug-of-war! I didn’t tell him: "Who are you for - for me or for my mother ?!"

- Konstantin, what did you eat for breakfast today?

- Hot smoked seabass, a piece of bread, sweet tea, two boiled eggs and an asparagus salad.

Private bussiness

Konstantin IVLEV was born in Moscow on January 12, 1974. Graduated from vocational school with a degree in cook. Trained in France, Sweden, USA, Spain.

He worked as a chef in more than a dozen famous restaurants, founded new establishments, was repeatedly recognized as the chef of the year in professional competitions.

Collaborated with various TV channels, on "Friday!" since 2016. Founder of the Ivlev Group. Author and co-author of several cookbooks. Divorced, two children: son Matvey (19) and daughter Maria (6).

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