Stars Who Advertise Scammers

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Stars Who Advertise Scammers
Stars Who Advertise Scammers

Video: Stars Who Advertise Scammers

Video: Stars Who Advertise Scammers
Video: Top 10 Celebs Who Got Scammed Out of Money 2023, June

It's no secret that stars make money on their media coverage. The pursuit of such easy money often confronts them with scammers who later ruin the reputation of celebrities. This phenomenon has become especially frequent with the development of the Internet and social networks.

Fraudulent Surveys

Users noticed that stars who give GiveAway later become advertisers for fraudulent polls that promise users big profits.

The organizers offer to pay money for the opportunity to earn several times more. Naturally, there is no earnings, and the funds transferred by users are not returned and end up in the pockets of unknown persons.

Some stars disown such advertising campaigns and directly warn about scammers. For example, Sergey Lazarev did not give his consent to the use of his face in such an advertising campaign. The singer honestly warned subscribers not to try to transfer money to unknown persons.

Celebrities with a smaller live audience, for example, those from "House 2" are not afraid and advertise such fraudulent schemes directly.

Having collected a decent amount of money, cunning businessmen disappeared from the vastness of the network. Xenia later had to apologize to the deceived subscribers.

The financial pyramid and the Basque with Buzova

Nikolay Baskov and Olga Buzova actively advertised cashbercoin in 2018. They urged subscribers to invest in cryptocurrency, promising big earnings later.

The founders of the project were caught in financial fraud a few months later.

The story came under the control of the Prosecutor General's Office. It turned out that cashbury cryptocurrency is a typical financial pyramid.

Authorized representatives of law enforcement agencies, speaking to the press, promised that the stars who popularized this service will be held accountable.

True, in practice it did not come to this. Basque even said that he himself became a victim. The artist believed in the transparency of financial schemes and invested decent money in cryptocurrency.

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