Sobchak Showed Her Lover From The 90s

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Sobchak Showed Her Lover From The 90s
Sobchak Showed Her Lover From The 90s

Video: Sobchak Showed Her Lover From The 90s

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The famous journalist and politician, having decided to indulge in nostalgia, published a rare video in which she sings a song for her lover from the 90s. The answer was not long in coming.

Ksenia Sobchak posted an unusual message on Instagram. She decided to post an excerpt from an episode of the program "Children's Bluffclub", which she once had a guest. As it turned out, the eccentric performance of the hit by Tatiana Bulanova was dedicated to none other than Sergei Boyarsky, who was also present at the program.

For a significant part of Sobchak's subscribers, watching the performance gave only a feeling of pleasant nostalgia and a little fun. “You know how, Ksenia, to neigh at yourself! And that's cool !!! Vidos is cool in general "," Beloved man Seryozha Boyarsky, who drowns in the Duma for the general TRP and initiates laws on censorship in the networks. Good taste”,“Oh, this song took me to my childhood, where I also sang on the stage of the yard, gave concerts,”wrote fans of Ksenia.

However, the most interesting thing happened a little later. On the page of Sergei Boyarsky, a response message appeared, where he said that he saw a friend's post while in the same apartment on Moika 31, where he lived two decades ago in the same staircase with Ksenia. In the video, Sergey is playing the famous musical theme from the SuperMario computer game on the piano. Ksenia repost Sergei's video to herself and expressed sincere joy at the sudden dialogue through the years.

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