Beauty 2023, February

The Wife Of The Star Of "Quartet I" Was Confined To A Wheelchair

The wife of Alexander Demidov underwent leg surgery

Khlebnikova Was Published After Rumors About Alcoholism - And She Is Not Recognized

The 55-year-old singer appeared on the air of the program “Hello Andrey! "On the TV channel" Russia 1 "

Former Lover Buzovoy Appreciated The Past Relationship With The Image Of A Rat

Former lover of the presenter David Manukyan published a post with a picture of a rat on Instagram stories

She Said She Was Ready To Die: The Ex-wife Of Sergei Safronov Commented On The Illusionist's Illness

Former lover Safronov learned about the dangerous illness of the ex-husband from his new wife

Bondarchuk Remembered How Worried About His Daughter's Life

Fyodor Bondarchuk and his ex-wife Svetlana have a child with special needs

Ksenia Borodina's Husband Shared Harmful Tips For A First Date

Omarov published instructions for all women on the rules of conduct on a first date

On Hearing: Trofim's Daughter Caused A Scandal On "Voice"

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

Safronov Explained Why He Treats Cancer In A Regular Clinic

The famous illusionist spoke about his diagnosis in the studio of the talk show "Secret to a Million"

On Hearing: Wasserman Explained Why He Stopped Going To The Malakhov Show

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Adele Divorced Her Husband And Promised Not To Sing About Parting

Writes about this Daily Mail

Alexey Glyzin Spoke About Parties In Alla Pugacheva's Room

The artist began working on the stage in the 70s

On Hearing: Stoyanov Explained That He "destroyed" The Program "Gorodok"

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Russian Stars Who Created A Fictional Biography For Themselves

In order to attract public attention, some celebrities decided to embellish their biographies

Why Paulina Andreeva's Parents Were Against Bondarchuk

53-year-old director and 32-year-old actress in a relationship since 2015

From 90s Superstar To Oblivion: How Marina Khlebnikova Has Changed

Marina Khlebnikova is one of the brightest pop singers of the 90s

How Pelageya Changed After The Divorce

More black, pointed stiletto heels and red lips, less lace and ruffles

Stars Who Are Heavily Criticized For Their Style

Celebrity often comes from haters: even in the most impeccable image, online experts will find something to complain about

The Illegitimate Son Of Grachevsky Refused To Undergo A DNA Test

The illegitimate son of director Boris Grachevsky is not going to prove his relationship with the director

Mom Didn't Want To Get Into It: Listyev's Daughter Remembered How Her Relatives Shared The TV Presenter's Inheritance

The last wife of the TV presenter hired expensive lawyers so as not to share the inheritance

Why Zadornov's Daughter Refused The Inheritance

Comedian Mikhail Zadornov has only daughter Elena Zadornova

And This, It Turns Out, Is Basque: Drobysh Condemned The "show-off" Of Russian Stars

Producer Viktor Drobysh believes that many worthy Russian stars are losing touch with reality

Let Him Give Birth, What He Wants To Do: Friske's Father Reacted To Shepelev's Paternity

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that he and Ekaterina Tulupova are expecting a baby

Buzova Named The Main Reason For The Break With Dava

On the page of her microblog, the star confessed with subscribers

Secret Passion Mamaev Complained About The Persecution Of His Wife

The wife of football player Pavel Mamaev Alana said that her husband was cheating on her with a certain Irene

She Is To Blame For The Death Of Boris: Grachevsky's Ex-wife Was Accused Of Infidelity

The ex-wife of the filmmaker Anna left the studio of the program "Let Them Talk" due to accusations of infidelity

Boyarsky's Son Spoke About The State Of The Artist

On Tuesday it was reported that the musician was hospitalized in St. Petersburg

This Is Not A Problem Of A Beautiful Woman: Rudova Was Offended By The Criticism Of Subscribers

The actress published a lengthy text about the beauty of the female body and the limitations of society

Drew Barrymore Spoke About Her Childhood Spent In A Mental Hospital

The star said that her own mother put her in the clinic

On Hearing: Listyev's Daughter Remembered How Relatives Shared The Inheritance

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

On Hearing: Sadalsky Replied To Vasilyeva After Humiliation In His Address

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

He Turned Black When He Found Out: Grachevsky's Widow Told Her Husband About COVID-19

Arriving from work in December, the creator of "Yeralash" felt a slight chill

Tired Of Hiding: Diana Pozharskaya Declassified An Affair With Ivan Yankovsky

The actress published romantic photos with her new lover

What Is Known About Vitas' Wife And Children

Singer Vitas became famous in the 2000s thanks to his voice

Daughter Zavorotnyuk Shared A Joint Photo With Her Mother

The daughter of the star of "My Fair Nanny" for the first time in many months published a picture with her mother

Ex-fiancé Buzovoy Paid Off A Million Dollar Debt After Breaking Up With Her

The blogger paid off a million dollar debt after parting with a star

What Khodchenkova Looked Like In Her Youth

Since her first movie appearance 18 years ago, the actress has changed a lot

Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Shot To Kidnap Her Bulldogs

The singer promises half a million dollars to someone who will help return her dogs

How 2000s Star Paris Hilton Lives Now

This year the socialite turned 40

Actresses Who Married Rich Men

There are many Russian actresses who became the wife of a millionaire

How The Star Of "zero" Lives Now Tatyana Bulanova

Singer Tatyana Bulanova became famous in the 90s and continued to collect concert halls in the "zero"