Celebrities 2023, February

Pamela Anderson Called Social Media A Means Of Mind Control

She announced this in the latest post on Instagram

We Want Eight Children: Viktor Loginov Is Preparing For A Wedding With A Young Actress Maria Guskova

Viktor Loginov said that he had already made an offer to his soul mate

Loginov Marries A Young Lover

Viktor Loginov confirmed rumors of an engagement with a young lover

Victor Loginov Showed His New Lover

Actor Viktor Loginov and young actress Maria Guskova stopped hiding their relationship

Lenka Called To Come With Us: Yakubovich Told The Name Of The Person Who Could Save Listyev From Death

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich named the name of the person who could have saved Vladislav Listyev from death

Kharatyan Told How He Has Managed To Get Along With His Wife For 30 Years

As the actor noted, the family and family values ​​are sacred to him

The Star Of The "kept Woman" Spoke About The Director's Harassment

Alexander Child said that she had to deal with harassment

Miro Made Fun Of Bilan For Complaining About Life

Blogger Lena Miro criticized Russian singer Dima Bilan

Glyzin Spoke Frankly About The Family Tragedy

The singer recalled a difficult episode in his life

The Stars Who Support Their Husbands

It is generally accepted in society that a man should be a breadwinner in a family

Loboda Has A Jacket For Half A Million! How Much Do Celebrity Casual Outfits Cost?

Loboda has a jacket for half a million! And Rudkovskaya, for example, has a collection of bags of the most expensive brands

Orbakaite Was Baited For A Photo In A Mask

Singer Kristina Orbakaite was criticized on the web for a picture in a protective mask

On Hearing: The Wife Of Konstantin Ernst Was Showered With Nails

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

Rotaru Is Greedy And Angry Because She Has No Sex

According to George Rovals, 73-year-old star suffers from lack of sex

Shufutinsky Named The Reason For The Cancellation Of The Wedding With Yurazova

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shufutinsky denied information about his wedding

What Does Shufutinsky's Young Wife Look Like And Do?

Mikhail Shufutinsky, who exchanged his eighties, married a dancer who is 30 years younger than him

Singer Mikhail Shufutinsky Showed A Young Lover

In the new episode of the program "Hello, Andrey!" the singer introduced his chosen one to Svetlana Urazov

Shufutinsky Said That The Song "September Third" Cannot Be Banned

Singer Mikhail Shufutinsky called the proposal to ban the hit "Third September" "another stupidity"

Vetlitskaya Showed Her True Face

After the singer's return to her homeland, the media spread information about her complex nature

Elena Vorobei Broke Her Arm During A Concert

Doctors promptly provided assistance to the star, but she still had to go for an operation

The Stars Pretend To Be Beggars!: Ex-stylist Pugacheva Punched Prigogine And Gauguin

The stylist who worked with Alla Pugacheva and Julia Roberts is horrified by the statements of the "poor" stars

Svetlana Surganova Revealed The Details Of Her Personal Life

As the performer noted, due to the busy schedule, she does not have free time for her family

5 Star Moms You Might Mistake For The Age Of Their Grown Daughters

Some of the domestic stars look almost like sisters of their adult daughters

Ivan Urgant's Grandmother Sent Him On Her Birthday

The TV presenter said that his own grandmother sent him because of the issue of makeup in honor of the anniversary

The Hollywood Actress Has Become A Meme Gait Found An Explanation

Gwyneth Paltrow's meme-based gait at the Emmy Awards was due to her dress

Emaciated Babkina Scared Fans

The singer in a black suit and perfect manicure became the main star of the funeral ceremony

On Hearing: A Member Of The "Ural Dumplings" Laughed At Mikhalkova

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

You Are All Sick: Andreichenko Responded To The Criticism Of Haters

Not so long ago, fans and relatives of the actress Natalia Andreichenko were worried about her loss

How Stars Are Recovering From Coronavirus

How sick celebrities return to normal

On Hearing: Kovalchuk Named The Most Unloved Place In Moscow

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

Testament Of Discord: Who Will Divide The Inheritance Of Vladimir Etush And How It Happened With Other Stars Of Theater And Cinema

The main heirs of Vladimir Etush will be his widow Elena and daughter from his first marriage, Raisa

What Is The Secret Of Losing Weight 61-year-old Guzeeva

Like many women, Larisa Guzeeva has repeatedly adhered to unhealthy diets

Guzeeva Insulted A Fan For Insults

Popular TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva again started a scandal

Shcherbakov Broke The Silence After The News Of Hospitalization

On October 6, the media reported that the actor was in the hospital with suspected bronchitis

On Hearing: Director Alexei Uchitel Spoke About The Affair With Asmus

Rambler has collected the most interesting news for those who follow the life of celebrities

Senchukova, Admitted That She Got Pregnant From Rybin 8 Years Before His Divorce And Went For An Abortion

This happened at the very beginning of the romance of the artists, when Natalia was 20 years old

DNA Test Denied The Paternity Of 90-year-old Actor Ivan Krasko

The director of the artist told about it

I Don't Understand How To Live Further: Mikhail Efremov Recorded A Video Message

Actor Mikhail Efremov, who became the culprit of an accident on Smolenskaya Square, recorded a video message

Stop PR On Someone Else's Grief: Singers About Efremov

Dmitry Pevtsov emotionally reacted to the question about the trial in the case of Mikhail Efremov

Wives Who Were Left With Nothing After A Divorce

Celebrity women who had to start from scratch