Fashion Trends 2023, February

Loboda In A Spicy Bodysuit Marked On The Beach

The singer struck in a bold way on vacation in Mexico

Kirkorov's Revelations About Sex Shocked The Journalist

The singer showed off his sex temperament in action

The Slimmed-down Pugacheva In A Pistachio Jacket Was Published With A New Amulet

The prima donna appeared at the Oktyabr cinema at the premiere of the film Alla Pugacheva: The Same Concert

A Bed Was Found In The House Of Stas Mikhailov At The Price Of An Apartment

The singer is one of the richest Russian show business stars

The Stars Who Went To School With Children This Year

On Knowledge Day, star moms and dads went with their children to schools

Stas Mikhailov Spoke About Hair Transplant Surgery And Botox Injections

The singer has been surprising fans more and more recently

Stas Mikhailov Revealed The Secret Of His Weight Loss

Russian singer Stas Mikhailov explained how he manages to look younger than his age

The Noticeably Built Larisa Dolina Was Published

The singer was on the jury of the international festival of multi-format music

A Photo Of The Built Larisa Dolina Appeared On The Web

63-year-old Larisa Dolina disappeared from secular radars for several months

Granny With A Bald Part: Lena Miro Criticized The "youthful" Valley

The girl spoke out quite sharply about the artist in her microblog

Valley Lost Weight After Rumors About Parting With Her Husband

The famous singer Larisa Dolina is now rarely published

Valley Hides What Happened In Her Family

All summer, the media wrote that 62-year-old Dolina and her common-law husband Ilya Spitsyn broke up

How Celebrities Get Younger

Nobody wants to grow old, but, alas, have not yet learned to avoid old age

Lika Star Told How Pugacheva Ruined Her Career

Alla Pugacheva was involved in the collapse of the career of the singer Liki Star

I Was Afraid, I Was On My Knees: Pugacheva Did Not Want To Let Galkin Go On Tour

Pugacheva did not want to let Galkin go on tour

Pugacheva Was Surprised By The Changed Appearance

Alla Pugacheva had a productive 2019

Tears, Bruises And Humiliation: Celebrities Who Were Beaten By Their Husbands

Celebrities Beaten By Husbands

What Do The Adult Daughters Of Stars Do And What Do They Look Like?

These girls are not just young and beautiful - the whole country knows the names of their parents

Peskov's Daughter Marries A Man 10 Years Older

The daughter of a high-ranking official made a confession on social networks

Do Not Repeat Without Preparation: Navka Sat Down On A Twine

The athlete delighted with her stretching

Tatyana Navka Spoke Frankly About Her Daughters

Frank confessions of the Olympic champion - in our photo gallery

Netrebko Impressed Fans With Her Deep Cleavage

The opera diva has published several photos from the Viennese ball

Philip Kirkorov Even Wears A Crown On A Visit

In an unusual outfit, the singer showed up at Pugacheva's house

Celebrities With Special Kids

In 2012, actress and presenter Evelina Bledans gave birth to a son whose doctors diagnosed Down syndrome

Vlad Topalov Defended Todorenko: "Leave The Fragile Girl Alone"

Vlad Topalov, Todorenko's husband, emotionally stood up for his wife

Anna Netrebko Wears A White Summer Dress For The Sixth Year

The opera diva again visited the capital and walked along Red Square in a delicate white dress

Topalov's Wife Admitted That She Spends 5 Million Rubles A Month

Vlad Topalov's wife Regina Todorenko needs money for a normal existence

An Addition Will Happen In The Topalov Family

Sister of the singer Alina Topalova said that she will open another chapter of her life

Why Regina Todorenko Denied An Affair With Vlad Topalov

The restless, cheerful, indefatigable Regina Todorenko celebrates her birthday on June 14

Outside Of Filming And Fuss: 28-year-old Regina Todorenko Shared A Photo In A Swimsuit

The firstborn of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov was born in December 2018

Anastasia Stotskaya Told Why Kirkorov Terminated The Contract With Her

The singer became a guest of Lera Kudryavtseva's program "Secret to a Million"

Two Weeks After Giving Birth, I Was Crying On My Husband's Shoulder

Regina Todorenko spoke about how she combines career and family life

Life After Childbirth: Todorenko Appeared In A Mini Bikini

The presenter praised her photographer for the successful beach shoot and the camera angles that hid its flaws

Who Are These Snot Designed For?: Miro Accused The Men Of The Domestic Scene

Blogger urged male celebrities to stop lying

Igor Krutoy Lost 20 Kilograms Due To Diabetes

Producer follows a special diet

What Kind Of Bushes Have You Combed?: Followers Criticized Daria Klyukina's Eyebrows, And She Answered Them

The Bachelor finalist gave the go-ahead to criticize her eyebrows

How The Russian Model Became Famous In Turkey

Russian model and blogger Victoria Odintsova became the most talked about girl in Turkey

Media Declassified The Name Of The New Lover Ani Lorak

According to Russian media, a friend of Yegor Creed became the new companion of the singer Ani Lorak

Kirkorov Is Frank About The Relationship With Pugacheva After The Divorce

The outgoing year will be remembered by music lovers with the premiere of several powerful shows at the Olimpiyskiy

Valeria Crossed The Road To Someone

Celebrity singles have not been heard on radio stations for a long time