Style 2023, December

Singers With Dubious Talent

Over the past couple of decades, many new faces have appeared on the Russian scene

Julia Kovalchuk Showed A Photo From The Hospital

The artist published a touching picture taken in the postpartum ward

She Was Never Loved: Prigozhin Sharply Answered Samburskaya, Who Ridiculed The Salary Of Firefighters

The artist is sure: no one forbids a person to choose a profession that could provide him

Prigozhin Sharply Responded To Samburskaya, Who Made Fun Of The Salary Of Firefighters

The producer reacted to the actress's statement about men with "low wages"

Tears Welling: Savicheva About Her Daughter

Young mother Julia Savicheva shared her emotions. “With the appearance of Anya, I began to notice how quickly time passes

Pavel Priluchny's Earnings Disclosed

Priluchny's wife, actress Agata Muceniece, most likely earns much less

We Did Not Ask Anyone For Anything: The Widow Of Boris Grachevsky Spoke About Organizing Her Husband's Funeral

The widow of the creator of "Yeralash" emotionally spoke in Instagram stories about her husband's funeral

The Daughter Of Emmanuel Vitorgan Has Not Communicated With Her Father For Three Years

As the woman said, her father cruelly framed her

Jennifer Lopez Received A Luxurious Gift From The Mayor Of Miami Beach

July 24, 2019 officially became Jennifer Lopez Day in the sunny city

The British Accused Meghan Markle Of Bad Influence On Prince Harry

The British are unhappy with Meghan Markle again

Volochkova Explained Why She Broke Up With Farukh Ruzimatov

At some point, the dancer realized that she and the ballet dancer were not on the way

Children Of Russian Stars Who Created Problems For Their Parents

Lack of parental attention and fame often negatively affect the personalities of children of stars

Diet, Enemas, Parasites: Chekhova Revealed Secrets

Slim Anfisa Chekhova told about her secrets

Gauguin Solntsev's Elderly Wife Hospitalized With Suspected Amnesia

For almost a year now, the whole country has been following the relationship between Ogen Solntsev and his wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich

A Bunch Of Side Effects: The Doctor Spoke About The Puntus Tablets

The doctor said about the high danger of drugs that the affected model was taking

Sausage In Cellophane: Kim Put On A Transparent

Fans did not appreciate such a bold fashion decision

Sobchak Dress Upset Fans

The outfit, chosen by the TV presenter for the secular brunch, surprised with its simplicity and cut

What Was The Personal Life Of The First Woman Astronaut

Valentina Tereshkova became a legend at the age of 26

Not Even A Crop Top: Loboda Appeared At The "Song Of The Year" In A Bra

More years - less clothes

The World Is Gripped By A New Hypocrisy

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, news on already familiar top topics has faded

Sharply Thinner Lolita Showed A Figure In An Airy Organza

Lolila Milyavskaya amazed the audience of "Song of the Year" with amazingly built forms

Stars Who Raise Special Children

These star families share a similar problem - children have congenital health problems

The Stars Who Chose Younger Boyfriends

All ages are submissive to love! Many stars think so - and here's the proof

Dmitry Malikov Seriously Spent On Birthdays

Celebrating the majority of his daughter Stephanie and the 55th anniversary of his wife Elena cost him a round sum

How Celebrities Look Up Close: 7 Photos That Will Boost Your Self-esteem

That is why you should not believe the "ideal" photographs of stars from the covers of glossy magazines

Million Dollar Babies: What The Daughters Of Russian Oligarchs Look Like And Do

They say that the family is not chosen. However, these girls are very lucky

43-year-old "Clone" Star Giovanna Antonelli Posed In A Bikini For Social Networks

The actress impressed fans with her figure

Basque Boasted An Erotic Accessory

The artist is several years ahead of fashion trends

They Want To Erect A Monument To Nachalova

Relatives of the singers hope that they will be helped in the installation

Borodina Spoke About Parting With Omarov

Ksenia Borodina's followers sound the alarm

Larisa Guzeeva Sharply Answered Haters

Netizens criticized the new image of the TV presenter

Sedokova Justified Herself For A Photo With Cellulite

The star admitted that her figure is imperfect. But still not so much

Five Stars Caught Cheating

Everything secret always becomes apparent

Todorenko Showed A Figure After Giving Birth

TV presenter rests in Turkey and shows a figure in a swimsuit

Alexander Petrov Broke Up With Irina Starshenbaum

A popular actor has a new love

US Court Found Katy Perry Guilty Of Plagiarism

US jury finds "Dark Horse" hit as plagiarism of Christian rap by Marcus Gray

A Dangerous Criminal Entered The House Of Kate Middleton And Prince William

A man approached Prince George and Princess Charlotte as they walked with their nanny in the courtyard

Pelageya's Husband Published A Rare Photo With Her Daughter

Hockey player Ivan Telegin together with the baby visited the dinosaur park

Yana Rudkovskaya Dispelled Myths About Her Family

The star decided to respond to criticism on the web

Svetlana Loboda Showed Her Beautiful Sister

The network noted that the singer and her loved one are very similar